Saturday, April 21, 2007

What a lovely movement Free Hugs is. It's certainly alive and thriving in Tokyo!

I took a walk down Takeshita Dori amongst all the colourful creative kids there and up to Harajuku station. Just between the entrance to Yoyogi park and the station there is a large area of colourfuly dressed teens, loving having their photos taken.
Then I came across it, the Free Hugs group. They all looked a little Emo to me, but what would I know? In fact the whole free hugs thing does quite fit in with the Emo culture.
It led me to think, at the end of such a shocking fortnight of loose mad gunmen on the run killing people for no reason. Perhaps the world needs to listen a little more to Free Hugs. Certainly it was uplifting for me, a stanger in Tokyo.

Thanks Free Hugs people of Harajuku, the hugs were lovely!


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Biggee111 said...

Hey Pete

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