Thursday, April 5, 2007

The walking thing ---- stroll on!

OK I'm starting to feel like crocodile Dundee here...
I spotted a restaurant from my hotel window here in Florida. It wasn't clear from the vista just how the hotel 'entry' got to the road. However this restaurant was 1/2 mile away at the most.

The Americans in here, know where I'm going, but please bear with me ;-)

I asked concierge how to walk to the restaurant. Well you'd think I'd asked for the crown jewels on a plate! "Sir, you can't walk there" I'm told.... But whyever not?

Anyway I relented to their protests, and got the Hotel shuttle for 1/2 mile to the entrance of the hotel. This delivered me to a major road, where only cars may roam. So I made my way gingerly across it and got to the restaurant...

On the way back I was determined to enjoy my walk back to hotel and walk off my meal. So (heaven forbid) I walked out the restaurant and crossed the major intersection and walked up the hotel drive. I suspect I broke some rules here ;-) However the walk was lovely, the only problem was the lack of pavements (side-walks) in many areas....

My saying for the day is "Floridians/Californians, try walking, honest it's ok" :)

Have fun

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