Thursday, April 5, 2007

DeCaffeinated Tea? Give me a break!

Picture this: Spent a long day training a room of attendees (great people, but still tiring). Go back to hotel room. End of a hard day. Turn on the Mr Coffee maker machine (That I've adapted to make tea and not coffee) grab the hotel provided tea bag and it is decaffeinated!

Whoever heard of DeCaf tea....?

Now before you say... ahh but tea has more caffeine than coffee, I'd like to point out it does not. Far from it....

Check out this site for details..

And please please lobbyists in the USA, tell the hotels to stop providing DeCaf tea...

Whatever next? Ribena with no Vit C?


1 comment:

Zelia said...

Obviously someone has had too much caffeine and your hormone levels are out of whack! Get over it! If you took the time to look at how Caffeine affects your body (especially your adrenal glands aka adrenaline = hormones); then you may reconsider your rant. For once something helpful in terms of creating a healthier food range! What positives come from this highly addictive drug which I must say causes A LOT of harm to our body and encourages disease?