Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are you working for $1 per hour? I bet many of you are - read why!

Recently I've been involved in a debate about posting on newsgroups and how I should follow the Netiquette guide. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette
Now I do understand why this guide was written many years ago on slow bandwidth, but how relevant is it now?
Let's get back to my main point... How much is high speed bandwidth nowadays? $30 a month? A dollar a day? So why are information workers still using dial-up? I bet it wastes hours each month, I'd go as far to to say that if you're using Internet Banking, e-bay, online subscriptions, newsgroups, windows updates etc etc you'd be coming close to wasting up to a hour a day! For what? To save a dollar a day?

Why is anyone using dialup? Why are people spending hours following Netiquette to avoid a few bytes when the could just have it all for a dollar a day?

Peter O'Dowd

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Hiya Peter, do you remember me Gail Wilson from Heeley Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham? I have just been onto Friends reunited and followed the google comment and ended up here, if you get 5 mins drop us an email : GAILPORTEVULLEN@manx.net it would be fun to hear from you. bye