Saturday, March 31, 2007

Do NOT fly Delta if you care about your bags

I'm sure there are the die hard Delta airlines acruing airpoints out there how won't like this. However I make no appologies for the most pathetic service I have ever seen in the world. Yes the world.

Valentine and I flew into Orlando yesterday, her bag didn't arrive, mine did.
OK, mistakes happen, we can all understand that. So after spending 2 extra hours at the airport filing a missing bag claim we left.
Today 11am: We're officially told, her bag has left Los Angeles it will arrive at 7pm
Today 7:50pm: We're officially told, sorry but the bag only just left Honolulu
Tonight 11:30pm The Call Center in India!!!! (Yes India, for all those of you unemployed in the USA) we're officially told, we cannot tell you where it is because, guess why? Because they're in India!!!!

We're still waiting for the bag...

Perhaps it has to goto India first?

Not impressed Delta



Pablo said...

Hey Peter! Sorry to hear about your bags! I didn't get to read this until after I met you, but I would have offered to give you some of my shirts if you needed! BTW, I'm the dude with the funny beard from Pennsylvania who shared some smokes with you at the 2007 Exchange Connections in Orlando!

I'm flying on US Air and hope my bags make it to Pennsylvania!

Cheers and it was awesome to meet you!

Peter O'Dowd said...

How could I ever forget that beard :) Very cool!

Great meeting you too :)

Thanks for the comment