Saturday, March 24, 2007

My first blog

So finally I've done it, after a lot of requests, here it is, my own blog. Hopefully this will be an informative useful place for you guys to visit, at the least it will be a place for me to just get things out there!

There are quite a few things coming up over the next few months.

Firstly there is Exchange Connections starting next weekend. I'm running the 3 days of Exchange Server Troubleshooting labs AGAIN! It seems the world never tires of them. However this time I'm adding quite a bit of Exchange Server 2007 into the mix. For more info jump to here...

This is a big week for us here at blade. We've finally released our very cool software package "Blade Transfer Services". You may download at 30 day trial here.
This product was initially written for us, out of necessity. There’s a saying “Necessity is the mother of invention”. At Blade we have to upload files of up to 6GB, perhaps the result of a months worth of work, quickly to our customers. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, on the market that provided us with the reliability that we required in these days of closed firewalls. It was taking us days to get files to customers. Something had to be done, and it was clear we had to do it ourselves. The result far surpassed our expectations, finally we had something that could do exactly what we wanted when all else was failing around it. It’s given us the competitive edge and finally our customers trust us to deliver something that should in theory be straight forward, but in reality isn’t.

It's strange how there aren't any other products on the market that perform this function likes ours does. I think we're opening up a new paradigm of 'uploading'. It seems the world is used to downloading. So even if you're provding a service you get your customer to 'download' the deliverables. It's insane and hopefully we're going to start to change that a little.

Well that's my first blog. Here's to many more :)
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Valentine said...

Tell us about your amazing business partner then ;-)

Peter O'Dowd said...

LOL!~ I should have expected that :)
Valentine Boiarkine is my amazing business partner.

seriously, Valentine is the best business partner I could ever have. She is a genius and a best friend and a fellow member of the "I want to believe" club of open minds and pure excellence in everything she does...

Valentine said...

"Failed artist"???? That really is a joke. More like a 20th-21st century influencer who rejects the commercialist reality of our times.